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So, you received a challenge email... - Q20055

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PURPOSE: Help non-'Lightspeed Systems' customers who have received a challenge email, understand its purpose.

This article applies to:
  • TTC Security Server v6.0x

What Is A Challenge Email?

If you are reading this it is most likely because you have received a "challenge" email from a Total Traffic Control server. This means that you have sent an email to someone who uses a TTC server for spam filtering. Your email has passed all checks and is not labeled as spam, however, your email address is unknown to the TTC server.

What To Do

It is simple, in your email program just click REPLY and then SEND. You do not need to type anything in the message. By replying to the challenge email, you will validate that the original email you sent was from a legitimate source and the TTC server will then allow it through. It will also create an "allowed" entry, so any future emails to this single recipient from this sender will not be challenged.

Challenge Email Example

In its basic form, the challenge email appears as below, however, the one you received may be slightly different as these can be modified by the local TTC administrator.

You just sent an email to

Please reply to this message so that we know that your email address
is OK. Your original email will be delivered once your reply message
is received by

Many illegal spammers forge email addresses to try to get past spam
blocking software. These spammers send hundreds of millions of spam
messages a day, clogging email servers and wasting people's time. We
regret that these spammers have forced us to send this message to you.

Original From:

Original To:

For more information about our spam blocking software please visit

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